Facility Outline

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  • -Shooting is permitted
  • -No one shall cross the firing line
  • -Muzzle control must be maintained at all times
  • -Loaded firearms will be aimed into the berms at all times


  • No handling of firearms or ammunition in any capacity
  • People are permitted to go downrange to post targets, those not posting targets should step behind the range.
  • No one shall use a spotting scope, telescope, or binoculars while people are downrange
  • Shooters are discouraged from handling items on benches
  • Rifles will be stored in the rack behind the benches, unloaded with actions open, magazines removed, and floor plates open. Pistols will be placed on the bench unloaded facing downrange with the action open, magazine out and ejection port facing upwards
  • If a firearm is too short to properly be held in the rear rack, it may be placed on the table in the same manner as a handgun as per RSO discretion
  • Cased (hard or soft case) firearms may be brought onto or removed from a range on a green flag with the stipulation that: when bringing the firearm onto the range it remains in the case until the flag is changed to red, and when removing the firearm from the range it must have already been cased prior to the green flag. Gun socks will not be considered cases for this purpose.

Competition Ranges 1, 2 and 3 Action Range #1

  • Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles permitted.
  • Left side of range is approved to be used as a backstop for a distance of 35 meters which is marked by a sign.
  • Right side of berm is not permitted to shoot into. A sign is posted.
  • Minimum engagement distance of 10 meters for all hard targets, which is marked.
  • Target boards must be placed tight to the berm and no higher than 5 feet at the top of the target.
  • Rapid fire and holsters are permitted on these ranges at a distance no further than 10 meter and with appropriate qualifications
  • These ranges are for courses, competitions, and RSO use ONLY.
  • Detachable magazines may be loaded while people are downrange
  • Competition Range 3 when no in use is available to members only with the following qualifications ONLY.  IPSC Black Badge, PPC, CBSA w/proper documents, Police w/proper documents.  No guest or non members will be permitted on this range.
  • During IPSC or PPC competitions only, holsters may be worn while going from one range to another for competing  in matches.

Range 2  –  25/50 Yard Range

  • Handguns and Rim fire rifles only.
  • No shot-shells, rifle cartridges allowed, or carbine rifles that shoot handgun rounds.
  • Firearms that are placed on the shoulder to shoot are not permitted on this range.

Range 3 – 50 Yard Range

  • Shotguns, slugs and rifles permitted
  • NO RAPID FIRE (NON MEMBERS 3-5 seconds between shots  MEMBERS 2-3 seconds between shots)

Range 4 – 100/200 Yard Range

  • Shotguns, slugs and rifles only
  • NO RAPID FIRE (NON MEMBERS 3-5 seconds between shots  MEMBERS 2-3 seconds between shots)
  • Rim fire permitted on the first 8 benches (from the left facing downrange). Absolutely NO rimfire is to be shot at the steel gong.
  • Benches to the right of the yellow sign are for shooting at the gong ONLY.
  • No shooting at the gong from the benches to the left of the yellow sign

Range 5 – Metric Range 40/60/100 Meter

  • Shotguns and Rifles only
  • Left side benches (facing downrange) may only use the 40/100m targets.- right side benches may only use 60/100m targets

Range 6 & 7 -Trap Fields

  • Shotgun only
  • #7 ½, #8, and #9 sized shot only
  • No hunting loads (i.e. turkey loads)
  • Shooters must pick up all spent shells.
  • Cost for 25 clays (1 round) $5.00 – must be paid for in advance in the office
  • Shooters are permitted to load only one shell at a time when they are prepared to shoot unless shooting doubles, in which case two shells may be loaded
  • No trap shooters are permitted to handle the trap machine in any manner.
  • Loading and setup of the trap range is to be done by designated RSO’s ONLY.

Training Range

  • This range is closed to members and guests
  • Use of range is for our new shooter program ONLY
  • No Rapid fire will be permitted on this range

Archery Range

  • Located behind the garage at the front of the property.